iceland idea.png

Iceland Project


I went to Iceland with the intention of making maps. I am interested in the stripping away of information, and what is a map other than the almost complete erasure of almost everything that exists – only a small bit is left, flattened and pulled apart, disentangled from the world.

On one of my first walks in the small northern town of Olafsfjord I came across Oli, the town’s gas station and I spotted the candy bin. Candy bins like these are common everywhere – the bin was not special or unique; it had no historic or regional significance. Back in the studio I then photographed each sample piece and then set about reducing the information contained, erasing pixel by pixel lines and marks. This final reduction was then traced onto a blank sheet with black and white ink, the lines skipping and ink fuzzing on the soft paper.

The candy, removed from its context and reduced in information while being increased in scale started to shift, the images look more like islands from above or cells under a microscope.